59 Seconds

Can a book which teaches us simple habits that take less than a minute – transform our lives? Slight changes can lead to big results, especially when compounded. Find out the key strategies worth implementing based on the author’s research.


Mini Habits for Weight Loss

Are calories everything that matter when it comes to weight loss? There’s various opinions on the subject. Stephen Guise attempts to answer the question while offering a plethora of simple tips we can implement for a healthier weight.



Marcus Aurelius wrote a journal depicting his lessons throughout his life in the roman age. And thankfully, it still survived to this day. Can his personal lessons help us live more meaningfully in this modern age?


Ego is the Enemy

This is a book about understanding and healing our shadow so that we can lead more stable lives. Our ego can stop us from living the life we want to truly live. What steps can we implement to keep it in check? 



As a Man Thinketh

Do your thoughts have a great impact on the direction your life is moving towards? James Allen wrote one of the most important seminal self development books in 1903. Today, its impact can still be felt by millions of readers worldwide.


The Denial of Death

This book is not for the faint of heart and is a difficult read. Yet some of its passages are truly, staggeringly mind-blowing. Is it possible that denying our death can cause us to live a life that’s a far cry from our true potential?


Time to Think

Time to Think

Are you often deeply engaged with the conversations you have? Truly listening can be a difficult craft to master. Nancy Kline shows us how to manage the art of listening attentively so that we can improve our relationships.


The Highly Sensitive Person

The Highly Sensitive Person

Maybe you notice that you can sometimes be overwhelmed by minor situations. After any kind of social event you perhaps need to recharge and spend time alone. Are you a highly sensitive person – and if so how can you make best use of your gift?